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Sunday, October 30, 2011

End of October lovliness

No words, just the most beautiful fall I can remember. October is almost over, and I want to commemorate it's lovliness!

Monday, October 24, 2011

pumpkin love

This is supposed to be an ear
My little girls have been carving pumpkins and displaying them on the porch. I absolutely love their carvings! Whenever I see the crooked  faces on the front of a still muddy pumpkin, I am instantly happy. Is it any wonder I love fall?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

{phfr} again

 Pretty- Sunrise on a Monday morning! I wish I could figure out how to crop out the fence!
 Happy-Evangeline with her uncle's dog, ChiChi. This girl loves animals, and ChiChi is always greeted with rapturous shouts of joy!
 Funny- This little boy can fall asleep anywhere. I have lots of pictures of him sleeping on the table, on the floor, in his highchair, and so on. Yet, getting him to nap in his crib is nigh to impossible!
Real- We have a pumpkin patch, and so we are really, really busy for the next few weeks! However, since I love fall, having a few weeks to celebrate my favorite season is all to the good!

Joining Like Mother, Like Daughter for another round of {phfr}, in which we recognize the ordinary moments which bring us joy and contentment.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

lovely autumn

 The pumpkin patch is going strong, and in just two weeks, the farm season will be done for another year. In spite of the fact that I love what we do, I always breathe a sigh of relief when another season is safely behind us. The busy days of harvest are behind us, and the days of regrouping, reconnecting, and reading good books around the wood stove are upon us. These next two weeks will be very, very busy, and the rest and slower pace of November is mighty appealing right now.
However, I know that with the advent of winter comes the advent of the rain, cold, and grey. We take full advantage of these last few golden days with long walks, lessons done outside, and any excuse to go outside seized upon as one last chance to soak up the sun's warm rays. The potatoes are dug, squash is harvested, apples are (still) waiting to be sauced, and I am ready to hunker down for a winter's rest. Two more weeks. I think I can make it!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

{phfr} phone dump version

 Pretty- pumpkins on the porch of our store. Actually, some of them are squash, and I think we ate the one on the right for dinner last night.
 Happy-the younger three at our favorite gelateria! It is spendy, so a treat reserved for just once in a while.
 Another happy picture-all of my sister's and I together! Always makes me happy, every time!
 Funny- Spotted in the parking lot of Target. Someone has a sense of humor!
Real- The living room floor usually looks like this, compliments of Stuart. He likes having his toys out, even if he does not play with them.

Joining Like Mother Like Daughter for another round of {phfr}, this week featuring photos from my phone. My lovely tech support man showed me how to get photos from my phone to my computer, so there you have it!

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Pretty- Sunrise on  Monday morning

Happy- The sight of the four younger children using the pattern blocks in harmony.

Funny- Once again, Stuart falls asleep seconds after assuring me he does not need a nap.

Does this happen in your house too? Joining the ladies at Like Mother, Like Daughter for another round of {PHFR}, capturing the contentment in the everyday!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Retro tech

Could this be an old typewriter?
Hooray! It is! And, it works!
So elegant! It even dings when you get to the end of the row.
The children love it, and all clamored for a turn.
I have been wanting a vintage, non-electric typewriter for a long time. I like their looks, and I love the rhythmic clacking of the keys. So, this evening we were in Goodwill. I saw a couple looking at this case, and she was telling her husband that it was an old typewriter and that she wanted it. Well, they could not get the case open (turns out the had it upside down....) so walked away from it. I waited a respectable two seconds and then moved in for the kill. It was in my cart before you could say "SCORE!"  I was happy to see the ribbon works, both the black and the red. It does come out of the case, with the simple push of two levers. I plan on setting it on my sideboard, with a piece of paper in it always so it can be used as a guestbook of sorts. I also want my children to learn how to type on it, since it is harder to break than my laptop. More Fall happiness!

Hooray for Fall!

I love Fall! I love apples and crisp mornings and fires in the wood stove. Home made soup and fresh bread and lots of coffee. Pear and cardamon cake, afternoon walks across fields of gold. And, big bowls of vividly colored gourds making the house a little bit more lovely. Happy, happy Fall!