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Thursday, October 13, 2011

{phfr} phone dump version

 Pretty- pumpkins on the porch of our store. Actually, some of them are squash, and I think we ate the one on the right for dinner last night.
 Happy-the younger three at our favorite gelateria! It is spendy, so a treat reserved for just once in a while.
 Another happy picture-all of my sister's and I together! Always makes me happy, every time!
 Funny- Spotted in the parking lot of Target. Someone has a sense of humor!
Real- The living room floor usually looks like this, compliments of Stuart. He likes having his toys out, even if he does not play with them.

Joining Like Mother Like Daughter for another round of {phfr}, this week featuring photos from my phone. My lovely tech support man showed me how to get photos from my phone to my computer, so there you have it!


  1. I love that picture your took in the Target carpark. What a laugh:)

  2. Your pumpkins look so big! We grew a lot this year,but most of them are small.
    Love the legs and feet at Target, too funny! xx

  3. You sisters are gorgeous! I love a big family that loves each other...

    Blessings, Debbie

  4. Hee hee... I can *totally* relate to having a child who likes to have all his/her toys out whether or not the toys are being played with!

    I had no idea squash that one cooks and eats could start off so big. None at all. Wow.

    Sisters are such a blessing. Keep them close, always.