Abode {W}

Thursday, January 26, 2012

{phfr} in January

 Pretty-Seed pods in a wintry garden. We had a few days of very cold but sunny weather before the heavy rains began. It was lovely!
 Happy- Estelle enjoying birthday tea on her eighth birthday.
 Funny- Stuart really does seem to be able to sleep anywhere. He can also sleep even with the most incredible din going on around him!
Real- Sometimes those shots you think will be good pictures capture little moments of terror, like Stuart thinking he was caught in the hedge. He emerged unscathed a second after I snapped the picture, much to everyone's relief!

Joining Like Mother, Like Daughter for another week of {phfr}, finding the contentment in the ordinary days which make up our rich, full lives!


  1. Happy birthday to your 8 year old!
    I had a son that could sleep anywhere too, wish I could.

  2. Tells a great story! Happy Birthday! Happy Week!

  3. You've been away from {p,h,f,r} for a couple weeks; good to see you again! My daughter who is about to turn 12 had a tea party with some friends for her 8th birthday. It was one of my favorites. The hedge picture is really something. It almost looks fake.

  4. Your daughter's tea party looks like a very elegant affair!