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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I cried today

Graham and Ella, dressed up for Roman day at the school they attend part time. This morning, I went to the school to wash dishes for our fundraiser on Saturday. While I was there, one of the mothers started talking to me about Graham and Ella's accident. She knows the lady who witnessed the accident. This lady told her that their truck was skidding across the road on its top. the truck was heading  towards the telephone pole, and she knew they were going to hit the pole head on. She thought they would smash into it and knew that no one was likely to survive a crash like that. But, as she watched, she said at the last split second before they hit, the truck slid a little to the side and they missed hitting the pole head on, just knicking it with the front bumper. She told my friend "I am not a religious person, but after watching that truck turn at just the last moment, I know some one was looking out for them." When she told me that, I started to cry. I am so grateful that they were spared, so grateful to have these two beautiful children to scramble around finding costumes for, even if it is at a moments notice. I knew how serious the accident could have been, but I didn't know what a near miss it was. I have spent the rest of the day feeling very emotional, which is unusual for me. I almost cried when my nephew won his basketball game, I saw a man who looked like my dad and THAT made me cry. I am eating a hazelnut biscotti and having one last cup of coffee, and that should make me feel better!


  1. My goodness, just reading your post almost made me cry. That was a beautiful story.How wonderful that God showed a miracle that day.

  2. We have all heard the saying "the Lord works in mysterious ways". He has plans for Graham and Ella as is evident by their minor injuries. I am so thankful for them and you that they were okay.