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Saturday, March 19, 2011

this and that, with pictures

  1. I used to have a Holly Hobbie nightgown (being a child of the 70's) that had a rainbow on it and the saying "After the rain, the rainbow." We are seeing a lot of that this time of year-sunshine, then a down pour, and then gorgeous rainbows. I took the first picture this afternoon after a hail/rain/thunder shower. One consolation for all of the rain!
  2. Stuart demonstrating his "I know I am in trouble but maybe if I look cute they will ignore it" look. This is a look we have been seeing a lot recently. This afternoon he climbed up on a dresser and emptied the top drawer on to the floor. I happened to have my camera close when the farmer discovered the mess, and knew the look was coming!
  3. Estelle modeling the fairy outfit her Uncle Craig and Aunt Lisa just gave her. I was blessed to marry in to an awesome family. My family, while getting along well, was not very close (my extended family, that is), and I always regretted that. The farmer's family is very involved, and my children's aunts and uncles come and see their plays, take them to movies, come and hang out with them, take them fun places, and are very much a part of their lives. I love it!
  4. Daffodils brought home by my sons! Spring is really coming, and I LOVE having fresh flowers in the house again. 
  5. I am leaving tomorrow to spend three days with my sister in Washington. I am grateful to the farmer for letting me get away, and really looking forward to a few days of just hanging out with my sisters! That is all until I get home and unpacked!

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