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Monday, August 8, 2011

entryway chaos!

Stuart, picking off his bandage amongst the dust bunnies

Hall cupboard - why are Evangeline's tap dancing shoes living there?

 So, summer is a busy time for us. The farmer is working 16 hour days, six days a week. I am answering the hundreds of phone calls we receive each week, scheduling and supervising the employees, running the errands, and still trying to cook three good meals a day, keep the house clean, spend time with my children,and visit with out of town friends and family. All fun, all good, all one huge balancing act. Obviously, the house cleaning ball got dropped here! However, once I determined to get this area clean, it only took about half an hour.
After- so much better, and I will not cringe when people come to the door!

I even managed a bouquet of fresh flowers!
The lesson learned here is that it really does not take that much time to get things reasonably clean, tidy, and pretty. I tend to feel overwhelmed, and see the big, messy picture instead of little jobs that, when tackled one at a time as I have a few free minutes, add up to a manageable task! Linking with Like Mother, Like Daughter for the entry way challenge!


  1. It looks lovely! (What a pretty cabinet.)

  2. You spiffed that up! Good for you!

  3. I love your hall cupboard! And I'm right there with you learning that to just tackle something as I see it, in little bits, makes it easier (and tidier.)

  4. I love the cupboard, too!
    I do that all the time, focus on the big mess instead of the little tasks that will get the job done...this was a great reminder for me, thanks!

  5. Wow! Like you said, it's kind of amazing how a little tidying can make such a difference.

  6. Stuart cracked me up. And I think it looks lovely, esp that cabinet!

  7. SO much better! I particularly noticed how just fixing the rug took care of so much of the "ugh" problem.

  8. Emily, you are right, just fixing the rug made things SO much better. That particular job took about two minutes, and Stuart helped me!