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Thursday, March 22, 2012

{phfr} Beverly Hills edition

 Pretty- Diamond necklace at Harry Winston's. I have never seen so many diamonds at a time, and can't imagine wearing something worth all of my possessions combined around my neck, but thought the necklace was beautiful nonetheless!
 Happy- Late night tiramisu, coffee, and cribbage with my sisters. The restaurant was right along a busy street in Burbank, so we enjoyed watching people coming and going as we ate. It was pouring rain, which we as Oregonians are used to, but in this area, heavy rains occur once or twice a year.
 Funny- The dress looked like it was made of the non-skid mats we put under our throw rugs to keep them from slipping. Only, instead of being two dollars at Wal-Mart, this dress is offered by Dior for several thousand dollars.
Real- It was fun to wander down Rodeo Drive, but then, a few short miles up the road, we saw a lot of this. People who were sad, down-trodden, mentally ill, or addicts, trying to get a meal and a smile. It reminded me that while there is nothing wrong in luxury items in and of themselves, our real purpose is to be salt and light to those who are hurting and alone.  I was in Los Angeles and it's environs for my uncle's memorial service, and this week's {phfr} comes to you compliments of that trip! The pictures show a few scenes from a fun trip and wonderful time with my family, but the truth is, for real contentment, there is no place like home! Joining Like Mother Like Daughter for another round of {phfr}, visit them for more fun pictures and reminders to find contentment in the everyday!


  1. diamonds=lovely but dress=hideous!

    but you're right, can't either of them with us....

  2. You are right - excess in one direction will cause an extreme situation in the other. (I know I put it badly)

  3. Thanks for joining! I love your thoughts.

  4. Looks like you had a great trip (aside from the sad reason behind the trip).

    I need to borrow your Ella for a moment :) Would you measure from the back of her neck to the bottom of her bra strap? I'm making a shrug for my niece and the pattern says 'knit till it's long enough'. Not helpful when you don't have a young girl around to measure.


  5. no problem! She is 11.5 inches from bottom of neck to bottom of bra strap. Hope your shrug turns out well!