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Friday, November 25, 2011

A store transformed

Before the Thanksgiving meal

Work in progress

Partially set table

Hungry kids, waiting for dinner!

Mt lovely friend carving turkey-it was delicious!

With all the good food to chose from, Estelle keeps it safe with mashed potatoes!

Evangeline, Estelle, and Stuart with Aunt Jenny. She brought along the gingerbread house kit, which was so clever as it kept Stuart occupied while I put the finishing touches on the meal.

Finished product!
This year, we had so many people to share Thanksgiving with that we decided to move the whole meal down to our store. It is a large room, and could easily fit all 26 people easily. The certified kitchen has a huge oven, and a large stove, as well as deep sinks and lots of counter space. It worked out really well, and it was fun transforming the store in to a beautiful room! After the big meal, we went to our friends house for dessert. It was a delightful day, and I am so grateful for good friends and family!

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