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Monday, November 28, 2011

Finished project and an obsession

 I love to knit. I have been enjoying teaching myself how, and am excited to be finishing projects quickly and easily. I am thinking of asking for knitting lessons for Christmas to help me learn some more advanced techniques-cabling, shaping, and so on. But, in the mean time, Evangeline is happy with her warm, soft cowl. I made myself one in green, and Estelle's will be cast on this afternoon. I have found that, if the pattern is uncomplicated, I can knit while I give spelling tests and listen to my beginning reader read.
Evangeline models her cowl. She loves to be outside, and frequently complains of a cold neck and face. This should solve that problem!

 And, on a completely different topic, the children got out most of my Fisher Price collection on Saturday and made a city. They spent hours setting up and playing, and, since I LOVE vintage Fisher Price toys, I happily joined them for a while. I have to confess that I am almost obsessed with these toys. They just make me happy! I love hunting for pieces I am missing, and they are still pretty affordable. Best of all, Stuart will play happily with Little People and their cars for hours!
Little People on the turret of the castle, bought for me by a dear friend who "gets" my obsession!
So! There you have it. Finishing knitting projects makes me happy, and vintage toys make me happy. So does the giant latte I am about to consume. So does the fact that my struggling speller got all of the new words on her list right this morning. I love watching these things click in to place for my children. Happy, happy Monday!


  1. In the past year and a half since I learned to knit, I have become a little obsessed myself. I wanted to let you know you can Youtube anything you want to learn about knitting. I just taught myself to cable and it's really easy! I do love Youtube because you can hit replay over and over!

  2. Thanks for the you tube tip! That would be a fantastic resource. I need to actually see something being done before I get it, so that would work really well for me! Happy knitting!