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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

At play

I am still trying to figure out how to get pictures where I want them to belong! The bottom picture was supposed to be on top,and the top on the bottom. The bottom picture shows Stuart lining his little people up in a neat line before putting them on the bus. I found it fascinating that he lined the people up before putting them on the bus.  It reinforces my belief that children like orderliness. It is good for them to have regular meals, regular periods of rest, and time outside. They also need the order of discipline. I watched a lady at the library on Sunday who had no control over her children. She was trying to control her children with her lips. It was not working. Her children were everywhere, running, screaming, grabbing toys. They all looked miserable.  Children need love, they need order, they need to know that you are good for your word. Not sure how a post titled "At play" swerved into my thoughts on child rearing, musing on these things is a good reminder for me!

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