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Monday, January 31, 2011

a series of unconnected thoughts

  1. I went out grocery shopping this afternoon, and Evangeline and Estelle stayed home with the farmer to work in the garden with him. When I got home, they were filthy and Evangeline's outfit amused me so greatly that I had to take a picture. 
  2. There was a lady at the store who was in line behind me who was wearing perfume that smelled just like watermelon Jolly ranchers. I immediately started craving a watermelon Jolly rancher, and considered leaving my place in line to go buy a bag. I resisted the temptation, but am still thinking about how good that candy would be right now.
  3. The diapers I bought Stuart claim to be "heavy DOOTY" Heavy dooty? What is that? Seriously, what is up with deliberately misspelling words? What is wrong with just plain heavy duty? Do heavy DOOTY diapers hold some particular charm of which I am unaware? I cringe every time I see the box. But, I also cringe when I see purposely misspelled words- you know, things like "Kathy's Klassy Kuts".
  4. I finally sat down and drew up some sort of cleaning schedule that I think will actually work well with the craziness my life has become. So far, so good, and I got every item crossed off my list today, and even had time to sit down and knit for a while. I will need to revise this once strawberry season begins, but for now, I am just glad to be getting on top of things again! It is such a feeling of satisfaction, and hopefully that will be enough to keep me motivated.
  5. I bought some freshly roasted (like roasted the morning I bought them!) coffee beans at the farmer's market we sold at on Saturday. I made my first latte using the beans this afternoon, and  it was absolutely wonderful! The price was a bit cheaper than Starbucks, and honestly, it was better! This will need to become a weekly purchase. And that is the last in the series of unconnected thoughts!

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