Abode {W}

Friday, July 22, 2011

from the garden

 The vegetables are finally ripening! Nothing looks very good, the beets, beans, and tomatoes look especially bad. However, we got a really good meal out of this, including raita made with our own cucumbers to dip the veggies in.
 The flower garden, on the other hand, is in full, beautiful bloom. Lots of flowers, and everything looks healthy. The roses are in between cuttings now, so just a few of them are left, but they will be back!
Stuart, helping me pick cherries from my sister in law's tree! She kindly gave me permission to pick, so Stuart, Evangeline, and I got all we could reach. Hopefully tomorrow evening I can go back with a ladder and get more. The cherries are delicious, and I have several bags dried and ready for winter time baking! Yum! I have so many thoughts to blog about, so many pictures to share, but absolutely no time! Someday.......!


  1. yay, i'm so glad that you came to pick! i hated seeing those cherries go to waste.

  2. There are so many more at the top of the trees where I can't get them! They are so delicious, I also hate to see them go to waste!