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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Oregon's best state park!

The parking lot-just a pull off along the road
The park's only picnic table!
being silly at the top
View from the rock looking north
Going up!
Entry sign- just what is an erratic rock?
Stuart heading up
Two geese we saw along the way
Stuart wanted to share his stuffed deer with them
The erratic rock!
view from the top
 We have a tradition of driving to Oregon's smallest (and least known) state park. It is called Erratic Rock State Park, and it totally cracks me up. You pull off the road, and walk up this hill. It is a fairly steep climb at the end, but you are surrounded by lovely scenery, so you don't mind too  much. At the top, there is a rock. A large rock, which you can climb on to and see for miles and miles. However, that is the extent of the park. Just a rock and a picnic table. I love it. We have been doing this since the first year of our marriage (19 years) and only once have we seen anyone else there. It is, in spite of it's smallness and obscurity, one of my favorite things. I am having computer issues (still!) and the pictures did not appear on my screen in the order I lined them up to, but it is too late for me to stay up fussing about that!


  1. Sounds and looks like my kind of place! It is just beautiful.
    Have a happy 4th of July!

  2. hi
    just wonderful i love all the pictures.
    have a happy 4th of july!
    greetings from germany,

  3. My fave is the 'family being silly' shot. If you look closely at Ella's glasses you can see your reflection in them. Amazing when you think that professional photographers work at these kinds of shots and you did it by accident. By the way, where is this place?

  4. Mary Lou, I didn't even notice my reflection-glad you pointed it out to me! The park is right off of Highway 18, a few miles outside of Sheridan.