Abode {W}

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Pretty-The sky last night. The Cascades were so clearly visible.

Happy-The boysenberries are almost ready! I have been out of jelly for two months now, and am so glad it is almost time to replenish my supply!

Funny-Stuart got in to his sister's nail varnish. He did a pretty good job, but it was nonetheless removed at once!

Real- My real pictures always seem to involve Stuart! Here he is playing with the flagging tape he found. He had wound it under the dining room table, wrapping it around chair legs and leaving tripping hazards strewn in his wake.
Joining Like Mother, Like Daughter for another round of pretty, happy, funny, real. Go visit them, and then check out some other pictures! Happy Thursday!


  1. Your boysenberries look so good and I bet the jam is wonderful! Have fun.

  2. It's amazing what little boys can find to do to keep themselves busy!
    Enjoy your jam :)

  3. Those berries look so pretty! I loved all of your pictures.

  4. Those berries have an amazing color! I have had boysenberry jam, but have never tried them fresh. What do they taste like?!

    That is one busy boy. I see that you are frequently out of tape for the same reason I am!

  5. Sue, the boysenberries are a milder flavor than a blackberry. A little sweeter and less acidic.

  6. Now all he needs is a cat to be chasing all that tape! Boys.

    Those berries look delish!