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Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Great Oregon Steam Up!

We got to ride on a little steam train
 Every year a Great Oregon Steam Up is held a few miles away from our house. We absolutely love this event, and go every year! There are displays of old tractors, engines, lawn mowers, farm equipment, fire engines, and Caterpillars. There is the little model railroad, which gets better every year. There is a truck museum, trolley car museum, blacksmith shop, and steam powered sawmill. The crowd is friendly, and it does not cost a fortune in admission costs!
Love these old tractors!

This is a 1913 Bull Run, and until two years ago, it was brought by an old man whose parents bought the tractor new! He was 95 years old last time we saw him here, and driving his tractor waving to the crowd. He has since died, and although I miss seeing him, it is pretty cool that his tractor is still there!

The trolley car ride was fun.......

and I loved the conductor! Isn't he adorable?

The big old steam tractors are pretty impressive!

Homemade ice cream, cranked by a steam engine! Best ice cream ever!
Stuart was in seventh heaven, between getting a train ride and being surrounded by tractors! It may sound dull, wandering around looking at old engines and tractors, but when you are there, smelling the smoke and hearing the rhythmic popping of the beautiful old engines, it is far from dull! There is always something different, always something so unusual you can hardly stop looking, and lots of people who are passionate about old things and love talking about them. I have some more pictures to share (A sno-cat! A velocipide! The prettiest Studebaker Hawk I have ever seen!) but they will have to wait until tomorrow-now it is time to take my sun-burned self off to bed!

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  1. My husband would love to visit there! He has a 'thing' for old tractors.x