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Friday, April 27, 2012

first lilacs

 The first lilacs of the spring, brought to me by Estelle. I love lilacs (in their natural form, not artificially scented lilac stuff....) and look forward to their arrival every spring. I always fill the house with them, so glad to have fresh flowers again!
I am now at the point of going crazy without a stove. I am completely uninspired and the fun of cooking has gone. I am still churning out the food, and I am told it is good (the above is curried chicken and potatoes from the crock pot), which is the most important thing. Just really, really, really looking forward to having a stove again! This weekend brings our first road rally (details and pictures to follow) and my eldest's eighteenth birthday! Good thing I have one more (secret) bag of Cadbury Mini-Eggs and a fresh pound of strong coffee to help me get through the business of the weekend!

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  1. Lilacs!!! We saw snowflakes yesterday. It's so cold and grey up here still. I really need spring to start. I love lilacs (and agree about the fake smell). I wish they lasted longer. I love to fill the house with them too.

    When are you getting your kitchen back? I couldn't imagine trying to feed a bunch without a stove. It's the same problem I have every summer. Don't want to turn the stove on, but don't know what else to make :)

    Have a great weekend!