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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


 One of the first things we did when the stove died was to buy an electric water boiler so we could still make coffee. Best thirty dollars I have ever spent. The mug? Bought at Starbucks with my sisters, because I love the Vespa scooter on it. When we went to Los Angeles a month ago, I realized that we drink a lot of coffee when we are together. Our pattern was Starbucks before boarding the plane, Starbucks upon reaching our layover destination, and Starbucks upon landing at our final destination.
 I am finally getting serious (I know I have said that before...) about losing some weight, and so have been eating a low carb diet for a week now. I have been making eggs with veggies, herbs, cheese, and meat for breakfast each morning. It is not only delicious, but I am not crazy hungry and cross by eight 'o' clock like I was when I just had toast and coffee for breakfast. I have more energy throughout the day as well, which is a grand thing as I have a super busy two weeks coming up. Even if I don't lose a bunch of weight, these two improvements alone are fantastic.
 Just threw this picture in because it spoke to me...the bright colors, the chubby crayons which I love because Stuart simply can't break them no matter how hard he tries, the beautiful little bowl with a happy memory attached to it.
Last but not least, we spotted this little guy in a tree this afternoon. The children and one of our employees spent an hour trying to catch it, as it was obviously someone's pet. They were unsuccessful and the bird flew away in to a neighbor's field. It was fun to watch it, it was such a pretty little bird. It made me start thinking about buying a little bird for a pet....a strong lavender mocha at a favorite cafe brought me back to my senses. I have just been complaining to the farmer that I just can't keep up with all of the demands upon my time!

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