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Thursday, April 26, 2012

{phfr} lovely spring edition

 Pretty- My pretty girls! 
 Happy- Blueberry bushes in mid-bloom! We have even had some warm, sunny weather, so the bees are happily pollinating the bushes. So ready for fresh fruit!
 Funny- My mother, hamming it up for the camera. Dementia has not robbed her of her sense of humor, or her sense of fun. She may not be able to hold a conversation, but she can make my girlies go off in to fits of hysterical laughter!
Real- While touring a beautiful, old courthouse in a nearby town we could not get Stuart to come away from the gumball machines. He was not interested in old pictures, beautiful wood-paneled walls, or gorgeous bannisters. When Robert finally bought him a handful of candy to lure him away, he dropped it all over the floor.

Joining Like Mother Like Daughter for a round of Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real, in which we share the ways we have found contentment and joy in the ordinary events of our lives!


  1. blueberry bushes----jealous over here. I can't grow them where I live :(

  2. What a wonderful example of walking out your faith with your Mom! We often visit an Assisted living and they people are very lonely and the relatives rarely visit (often distance is an issue). Its beautiful to see your family actively engaged with your Mom! God Bless you all!

  3. Oh wow - God bless your family for still sharing outings with your Mom. I love that big grin!