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Thursday, February 3, 2011

First yarn along

I am joining Ginny at gsheller.com for my first yarn along. A yarn along is a post showing what you are reading and what you are knitting. So! The books first! The top book is I Loved Jesus in the Night by Paul .Murray, in which he talks about Mother Theresa's spiritual dryness, and how she loved Jesus in spite of it. Next book is A Pet for the Orphelines, and I am reading it aloud to my little girls. We love these books! This is the third in the series. And, lastly, I am reading through Julia Child's cook book. My mother bought it for me for my birthday, and I am reading it like a book! My knitting is a scarf in a basket weave pattern. I started it while my Dad was in the hospital, and after his death, I couldn't bring my self to pick it up again. I just decided to finish it, and just realized that I have somehow added three stitches. So, now I will have to unpick three rows to fix my mistake! I am the world's most bumbling knitter, but I enjoy it and want to learn to do it well. Hopefully I will be able to show a finished scarf next week!


  1. I love the cookbook and also read it like a novel! How nice to get it as a gift!! The scarf is going to be so nice!

  2. Love the blue yarn you chose for the scarf. It looks to be a wonderful pattern. Hopefully your mistakes will be easy to correct.