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Sunday, May 1, 2011

family pictures!

The children!

The whole family!
We have a yearly tradition of driving to Lake Oswego and visiting Bishop's Close. This is the residence of the Episcopalian Bishop, and the lovely old house is surrounded by a garden which is open to the public. The garden is large, and overlooks the Willamette River. In an alcove under some trees is a small cement bench, and every year for the last 16, we have taken pictures of our children on this bench. We now have so many children that they completely obscure the bench! Today we experienced Oregon spring weather at it's best.Warm, crystal clear, sunny, with sweetly scented breezes. We took full advantage of this and visited Bishop's Close and had the first picnic of the year. It was lovely, and the reprieve from the rain should get me through the next month of rain before summer finally arrives!


  1. I do love the family picture of your children and the one of the whole family is great! I need to update mine for this year.

  2. Thank you, Tracey! We really needed a current photo as well!