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Friday, May 20, 2011

An outing

Getting ready to cross the bridge

Year the bridge was built

Willamette River looking north

And looking south

The lovely bridge!
Yesterday we took full advantage of the sunshine (it was SO nice) and left a pile of work at home to just play. About fifteen years ago, the city of Salem turned an unused industrial area into a beautiful park along the Willamette River. The park has a carousel, lots of emerald green lawn, picnic tables, and a really cool play ground. Nearby is a great children's museum, and beyond that is a foot bridge over the river. The bridge is an old railway, which hadn't been used since the 70's. in 2009, it was opened as a foot bridge, and I love it! It is such a pretty walk. The path leads you to West Salem, and a short walk from the end of the path will land you in a Starbucks, sipping coffee and eating a salted caramel square (my new favorite) as a reward. Robert and I played frisbee while the others ran around the playground, and then we walked across the bridge to McDonalds for cheap cheeseburgers. The gloom and crossness of yesterday (and the two days before that!) are gone, dispelled by time spent in the sunshine with my lovely children!


  1. So glad that the sunshine has returned to your life! Have a wonderful weekend with those beautiful children of yours.

  2. Thank you! More rain in the forecast, in fact it is cloudy and grey again, but I feel able to deal with it now!Have a good weekend also!