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Thursday, May 5, 2011

pretty,happy,funny,real round 4

Pretty, but should be majestic-Mount Hood taken from Bishop's Close garden 40 miles north of my house

Happy-Graham's 17th birthday party (he isn't in the picture....)

Funny-I told Ella to cross her fingers and she crossed everything, even her eyes!

Real-the bookshelf of children's books in the living room after Stuart was alone for five minutes!

round button chicken


  1. Lovely scene of the mountain! And the books--- all too familiar here!

  2. I do miss the mountains...that shot is beautiful!How blessed you are to have that in your world.

  3. Good photos! Thanks for joining! I love the crossed "everything" -- wise guy ;)

  4. Great post! We're close to the Laurentian mountains but they aren't as majestic as that.

    I have to smile, your Ella is so much like mine. She would cross everything too (if she new how).


  5. ooo yes- toddlers & books (I get the next kid up to clean it)

  6. I actually made the child who was supposed to be watching him put away the books!