Abode {W}

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Pretty-the lovely green garden!

Happy-Stuart happily supervising the strawberry planting

funny-I love the fact that Stuart can fall asleep anywhere, and sleep comfortably!

Real-My sweet, beautiful little girl loves to make freaky faces for the camera. She was thrilled that I did not delete this one.
Joining like mother like daughter for another round of pretty,happy,funny,real. I love this link up, this finding contentment in everyday life and photographing it and sharing it with others. I struggle with contentment, and this is always a good exercise for me!


  1. Your children are just the cutest! One of my boy's can sleep anywhere too. It always amazes me. Oh, and your garden? Beautiful!

  2. What a garden - so soothing. Green is my favorite color.