Abode {W}

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

taking a deep breath

Graham holding Stuart and Estelle.

Watching Jeeves and Wooster.

Rainbow ending on our shed.

In between the rains!
So! The tea is all over, and it went very well. We filled every seat, the food was delicious, and everyone had a good time. Last week was a very busy week, as I was shopping for food, decorating the tea venue, making food, and still trying to hold things together here at home. I was so busy on the day of the tea that I did not take a single picture! Now the tea is finished, and I am trying desperately to catch up on all of the work I left undone last week while I worked on the tea. Strawberry season begins in just three weeks, and I really want to be caught up by then! We will see what happens. For now, I am just trying to keep calm and carry on! As usual, the beauty all around me and my lovely children are helping me to keep my wits about me and truly enjoy these busy, happy days.


  1. Your place looks lovely.
    Our strawberry season is winding down
    here and it makes me a little sad as it
    went by fast.

  2. Three weeks?!? Oh goodness, I need to put in my order. :)

  3. Tracey, we anticipate strawberry season all year, and it is gone in just two or three weeks! It does go by fast.

    Mary Lou, you can have them any time! It seems funny to think we will not be neighbors by then....I guess I will have to bring you your berries so I can have a tour of your new place!