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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

pretty,happy,funny,real round 5

Pretty-lilacs are in full bloom! The picture is my father as a child.

Happy -little baby raspberries!

Funny, or not! The rat someone gave Graham as a joke for his birthday. The little girls love it, and have decided to keep it.

Real-Yes, we really do eat pie for breakfast! Apple blackberry, made by my clever husband!
Linking with Like Mother, Like Daughter for another week of Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real! Thanks for joining me!


  1. It is completely acceptable to have pie for breakfast sometimes!

    I'm loving your lilacs! Our lilac blooms are gone now, but were so pretty while they were here!

  2. i've been known to serve pie for breakfast. in fact i served up chocolate cake for breakfast on tues. it's Easter!

  3. You are so brave to have a rat as a pet!

    I would love to have pie for breakfast..it has fruit so why not.

  4. mmmmmm, pie for breakfast --brilliant!