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Thursday, June 16, 2011

In which I return to blogging-again!

Mock orange blossom. The tree is in full bloom!
So, after having my computer back for only a week, I lost internet access.  I shelved the problem because I assumed the problem was that we could not pay our bill and had our service disconnected. This afternoon, I called to make a payment and requested our internet service to be reconnected. The lady told me that we should not have been disconnected, and told me it was actually a tech issue. So, she got me some one from the tech department and he tried to help me get back online. This man, while kind, was unable to resolve the problem. He called some one else, who spent 45 minutes trying to get me online. He finally concluded it was a router problem, and started blathering on in very technical language about the problem and how to fix it. I was kind of zoning him out at this point, and started pushing some buttons and clicking some troubleshooting options. Two minutes later, I had full internet access. I have been reading Conformity to the Divine Will for book club, and the author talks about how everything that happens to us is a result of God's will, and so we can look at the events of our life with a sweet detachment, knowing these things are the result of his will. I don't totally agree with all he says, but if you told me that God willed my internet to be non-functional this week so I would get a ton of work done, I would agree. My whole house is clean, shelves and cupboards organized, laundry is all done and put away (I even ironed) and all the baby and maternity clothes were removed from storage and taken to Goodwill. I went from two closets full of boxes to four boxes in one closet. It is a nice feeling, and I love this sense of peace and orderliness with which I am entering this very busiest of seasons!

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  1. I get so frustrated with tech's who think we know what their talking about...isn't it Their job to fix the problem?!
    Anyway, glad you got a lot done in your home and glad your back. Are your stawberries in yet?
    Have a great weekend.