Abode {W}

Thursday, June 9, 2011

pretty, happy, and real, no funny!

Pretty-Roses from the garden! The pink one is especially fragrant!

Happy-Stuart, watching videos of tractors with his Daddy. Not just happy, but pure bliss!

Real-With four coffee nuts in the house, this is what the counter looks like much of the time!
Joining like mother like daughter for another round of pretty, happy, funny, real. Except I have no funny photo. Funny things really do happen around here, pretty much all the time. It is just that they are usually said, or not easy to capture on camera.Things like my daughter (10) helping her brothers dig an underground fort while wearing a pink,sequined evening gown, pumps with silver sequins sown on them, an old, fancy hat, and elbow length white gloves. Or my seven year old running in to the house, flinging her arms around me, and saying "Thank you for not making me wear a zucchini!" and then running back outside. Turns out, she meant bikini. That is life at my house-pretty, happy, real, and always funny, even if I have no photographic record to prove it!


  1. Oh, my word - your "funnys" are very funny! I would dearly love to see a photo of a gowned-up girl digging a fort! Ah, too bad... And the remark of your 7 yr old - very cute.

  2. My little likes to do that with his Daddy too. And you're right...it's pure bliss! Hehehe! I enjoyed the fort building picture your words painted in my mind! How cute!

  3. Huzzah for tractor movies! We made it on a four day drive last summer thanks to "All About John Deere" Parts 1-4 to keep the kiddos happy during our frequent hotel stops. :)