Abode {W}

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


 The last week has flown past in a whirlwind of activity. It has been fun-entertaining family and friends, baking bread to sell at the store (we have a certified kitchen) and the usual business of farm life. I am trying hard to stay calm and happy, to get everything done that I need to do, and to not mourn my lack of time for reading and knitting. The benches have been returned to the garden, and I have promised myself breakfast in the garden tomorrow. Always a nice way to start the day!
 The stress and craziness of strawberry season seem to fade into the background sometimes, and it is usually our customers who cause that to happen. I so much enjoy our customers. For the most part, they are friendly and happy. We talk about canning and jelly making when they call to get u-pick information, they bring me recipes and articles, and we talk about how good farm life is. Yesterday, one of our favorite customers brought me this canvas rug she had made. She did the painting herself, and I LOVE IT!!!!! It is in my kitchen, adding much charm! Totally made my day!
Also? Watching these six together always makes me happy! I loaded a Bob the Builder movie for Stuart, and before I knew it, the whole gang had gathered around to watch! There are always these moments that remind me to seek the joy in each day, that even amidst the stress and hardships, there is good to be found. Although, quite honestly, I am still trying to see the good in realizing that I need to give up coffee!!!!


  1. What a sweet customer[and talented too] you have to bring you such a lovely rug. Always remember there are little blessings in our day if we just look! I hope you got your breakfast in the garden!

  2. Sometimes the work of the season can get in the way of enjoying the season. You have such lovely customers. I love the mat, it's so cheerful.