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Saturday, April 9, 2011

cherry blossom time

The city of Salem is not especially pretty. I love it because it is the city I have lived in for most of my life, but it is not noted for its loveliness. However, every spring, the cherry trees on the Capitol Mall area (across from the capitol building) burst in to bloom and make the area look gorgeous. Yesterday was the first warm, sunny day in about six months, so we took advantage and met my sisters, mother, and two of my sister's children for a stroll through the cherry trees. It was SO nice to be outside and not be freezing or wet. The second picture shows my niece Darcy (on the left) and daughter Ella. It always amazes me how much alike they look! After getting our fill of blossoms we toured the capitol building and then went to Jen's house for dinner. Lovely afternoon!

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  1. I miss cherry trees! The Cherry Blossom Festival is going on in DC and I would love to be there! How much fun to get together with sisters and your mom. I hope to see mine this summer--saying a little prayer. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.