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Thursday, April 28, 2011

pretty,happy,funny,real round 3!

 Pretty! The lilacs are almost in bloom, and the seaspray near the front door are so pretty this time of year. In just another month I will have vases full of roses, but for now, the almost flowering lilac and seaspray is pretty!
 Happy! The best tea ever, and ever since the tea shop in town closed, I haven't been able to buy it. I can get it on Amazon, but we have decided not to use our Visa card anymore, so I had no way to order it. I missed my tea! On Monday, I found a cute little store in downtown Salem that carries the tea! Happy, happy me!!!
 Funny! Estelle Perpetua. In conversation with my sister on Saturday, she told her "I am going to get married and have children when I grow up, and if my husband needs me to work, I will be a nurse." My sister asked her "But what if you don't get married?" Estelle immediately fired back "Oh! Everyone will want to marry me!"
Real! The reality is...my children are jokers. If the little one falls asleep in his chair over dinner, they WILL put an empty wine bottle and glass in front of him and beg me to take a picture. Since I am kind of silly myself, I sometimes oblige them. But only sometimes! I could not make the cute button work, nevertheless, I am joining like mother, like daughter for another pretty,happy,funny,real post!


  1. Your last shot is great! You know, you don't have to have a credit card to order from Amazon. We only have a credit card for 'hurricanes' and that is it! I order from Amazon all the time with just my bank account.

  2. love that last picture- it will be good for the marriage-slideshow in the future ;)

    Christ is risen!

  3. I really like your sweet daughter's attitude! Too cute. I'm with Priest's Wife - you'll definitely want to save that last one for future use!

    I giggled at your blog title, by the way. I never knew what a digestive biscuit was until I moved to Japan. The name still cracks me up - they taste much better than they sound!

  4. Yes - that last photo - pretty darn cute. Something my brother would have done, way back.

  5. Get a paypal account. You only put into it the money you can afford to spend--directly out of your bank account and then you're good to go.

  6. Tracey, I did not know I could order using my bank account! That is good to know. I also did not think of a paypal account-that is a great option! I have really missed Amazon! Sue, my mother is British, so I grew up eating digestives and taking tea. They definitely taste better than they sound! I will be saving the last picture for his wedding slide show,it is just too funny not to share!!!

  7. With an attitude like your daughters, I'm sure she will be quite popular!

    As for the son, and the wine... Looks pretty out to me. Are you sure this was staged?

    Blessings, Debbie

  8. that last picture is GENIUS. us fordyce's are so clever.

  9. Debbie, I will never tell!;)Sarah, the children were inspired by you and Nate doing something similar to Buck at the coast last year! Nice to know you have influence,eh?