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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

yarn along first sweater

I am finally jumping back into the yarn along with Ginny at small things. This week I have my first sweater to share. This will be for my little boy Stuart. It is a very simple, rolled neck sweater, which I knit from the neck down. A sweet, old lady has been helping a friend and I with this, and she is responsible for the bobby pins and masking tape on my sweater. She uses bobby pins as row counters, so I remove one bobby pin with each row I knit. I am reading My Father's Keeper which is an account of the children of Nazi leaders-Goebbels, Frank, Hess, Bormann and so on. It is sobering, and not very easy reading, but very interesting.The author (whose name escapes me and the book is in the car with my teenager) interviews the children a few years after the war, and then his son interviews them again in the 70's. On Saturday, the last Holocaust survivor in Oregon is speaking at my children's school. I am looking forward to hearing him, and this book has given me more background and knowledge about what went on during those years.


  1. You are so lucky to have a real live old lady to help you knit! My mom's a great knitter, but she lives 5 hours from here so I can't just run over to her when I've got a question. There are some very good and helpful videos and such out there on the internet, but nothing beats having an actual person right beside you showing you how!

    That book sounds very interesting. I have a hard time with Holocaust reading. It took me over a year to read The Book Thief, which is a very good novel, but just too heavy for me (especially when I was pregnant -- had to put it down for a while then). But I'm really glad I eventually finished it.

  2. I am lucky to have an old lady helping me knit! She is a wealth of knowledge, and very eager to share! We have been meeting her once a week. I did learn to knit increases by watching a You Tube clip, but it is so nice to have real live help! I have never read The Book Thief, I will try to find it soon. I also have a hard time with Holocaust reading, but am also fascinated by the stories of survivors.

  3. How exciting to be working on your first sweater!
    And how blessed you are to have someone to help.
    In school I had a teacher who's parents were both Holocaust survivors. I remember she was tape recording their stories so they wouldn't be forgotten. I am going to have to look for a copy of your book.
    Hope you are feeling better and getting back to normal.

  4. Thank you, Tracey! I am feeling much better. The sweater is fun, I am really enjoying branching out and knitting something other than scarves and hats!