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Thursday, April 21, 2011

pretty, happy, funny, real, with blue skies

 Pretty! Tulips blooming in my front garden! Hooray for flowers!
 Happy-Blue skies with no rain clouds looming on the horizon! For the first time in six months!
 Funny-Stuart put his pesto in his dump truck. I don't encourage playing with food, but.......
 loved the fact that he was "feeding" his animals.The bottom picture is my "Real", which is the dining room table after a morning of school and play. I made the link-up button work (yeah!), so you have only to click on it to link to everyone's posts. Have a Blessed Holy Week.



  1. Your Stuart sounds like a very bright little boy!

  2. Great pictures. I remember my then 4-year-old son emptying the contents of the fridge onto the living room floor to feed his dinosaurs. Two little toy dinos next to a big mound of my refrigerator!

    Thanks for the reminder of that now-funny memory :)

  3. Aww, how sweet to feed the animals with his dump truck!

  4. Tracey, he is a bright boy, it is nice that we can tell that as he is still not talking1 Maria, I can imagine the scene, and it probably was not funny at the time, but what a great memory now!H, I thought it was pretty sweet as well!