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Saturday, February 12, 2011

I will miss winter

Even though I get desperate for warm weather, sunshine, and blue skies by February, (when we still have another,oh say, 4 ,months of gloom and rain), there is always a part of me that misses winter when it has passed. I miss the garden in winter, the leafless trees revealing secret nests, and the rose hips laden bushes. I miss Christmas lights, and long, cold evenings drinking coffee and playing pinochle with my children. I miss family Christmas parties, where these four boy cousins polish off all of the mint oreos before I even catch whiff of them. I miss hot soup, warm freshly baked bread, and the smell of a pot of beef bourgignon (totally mis-spelled, I know) simmering for hours on the stove. Summer may be the fairest of seasons, but winter will always be my favorite!

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