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Friday, February 4, 2011

wit's end and back

So! I have been at my wit's end with this little boy! He has been on a particularly naughty streak lately, doing things like flushing his lunch down the toilet, dumping things out of boxes and then running away, coloring on his sister's school books, and so on. Oh! And he has started shouting no at me, and his other favorite word is "EEEEWWW" which he says when ever he is kissed or does not like his food. And yes, this little boy is disciplined, he is just in a phase of testing the limits and seeing if we are good for our word. We are. Anyway, this morning I was just about to put him in his coat and have Robert take him for a stroller ride because I needed 10 minutes of peace to get the girls ready to go. I was brushing Estelle's hair, and she was crying because it hurt. Stuart came running over to her with a Kleenex and started trying to wipe her tears away. He also gave her a hug. It was so sweet, and I am no longer at my wit's end!

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