Abode {W}

Monday, February 21, 2011

more random, unconnected thoughts

  1. I have a lovely, talented friend who helped me take this dress apart (found at Goodwill for two dollars, loved the fabric, know I will never be a size two!) and refashion it in to a skirt. The skirt is adorable, and I am so happy to finally have this project done.
  2. The older children have a day off from school, so every one is still asleep. Had my latte in total peace and quiet this morning, an unusual turn of events.
  3. Snow is in the forecast for us, and as much as I love snow and always want a good snowstorm, I am so ready to be warm again! I am really ready for flowers, morning coffee in the gazebo, and fresh vegetables from the garden.
  4. Estelle came up to me yesterday as I was getting ready for mass. "I am so excited to go to Mass! have been looking forward to this all week!" she said. "I am so happy to hear that", I replied. "Well," she said, "I really just want to show off my purse and dress." 
  5. And now, my most talkative child is awake, and I can't string together any more unconnected thoughts while I am being asked a gagillion questions!


  1. I wish I had someone close by to help me sew. I am slowing teaching myself, but it is slow going. I will trade you warmth for snow, ok?

  2. I would love some warmth right now!!! It is nice having someone to help me learn to sew, She is a true expert, and so I am really learning a lot. I always bring her a loaf of bread or a jar of jelly as a thank you! Sewing (and knitting!)does not come naturally to me!