Abode {W}

Thursday, February 10, 2011

This is love

At this time of year, with Valentine's Day fast approaching, we hear a lot about love. What it is, how to find it, how to cultivate it, how to keep it. In my mind, this is love-a farmer, having worked a 16 hour day, sinking to the floor to read to his son. Sitting down to pull him close as soon as the boy makes his request. We are urged to show someone we care by buying flowers, chocolates, dinners out, jewelry. But nothing you can purchase shows love, speaks greater volumes, or is as long lasting as laying down your life, your wants, your needs to give someone else what they truly need. The flowers will fade, the jewels become hopelessly unfashionable, the chocolates will be only a distant memory, the meal forgotten until the Visa bill arrives. Holding your small son close, even though you are weary, hot, and dirty, and looking at his favorite book with him, will reassure him that he is loved and cherished. And that is a good that will last a lifetime!


  1. your blog is so refreshing.
    i was here throwing myself a little pity party because nothing in our life seems to be going right - 10 minutes here and i feel so much better!
    thank you for the reminder to remember how blessed my life really is.

  2. You are welcome! My life has felt like that for the last few years, but I have to focus on the good or else I will really and truly sink!