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Saturday, February 26, 2011

much, much too busy!

If you are a Veggie Tales fan, you will probably know that song where someone is singing "I'm busy,busy, shockingly busy! You've no idea what I've got to do." Well, that is my reality right now. I want to join Stuart in this little cupboard and hide until..oh, I don't know when. I have a fundraiser this afternoon (making punch and coffee0, a major fund raiser at Graham and Ella's school (setting up, serving dinner, the farmer is singing, finding auction items, selling tickets, and helping plan), and then March 12th is Ella's Shakespeare play. Also selling tickets, selling advertising, soliciting donations for the cast party, trying to find her costume, and selling tickets on the day of the performances! Add trying to cook, clean , do laundry, home school, and trying to drum up baked good business to keep us afloat, and my poor little head is spinning. I have not been out to see my mother in a few weeks now, and my house really needs some attention. So! If I am silent on Face book or my blog, it is because I am dashing around selling things or begging for donations (or business) and trying to keep it all going. Or maybe I am sulking in the cupboard with Stuart!

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  1. i think i want to hide in that cupboard with him!