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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

yarn along 4

My fourth yarn along, hosted by Ginny at small things. This is the very beginnings of a baby hat for a neighbor, who is due in a few weeks. Since they do not know the gender, I am using a neutral colored yarn, but if baby is a girl, I will add a little ribbon or something. The currents reads are Unplanned by Abby Johnson and Knitting Around by Elizabeth Zimmerman. Unplanned was difficult to read, yet it was also riveting, and I finished the book in one day, as is evidenced by the pile of laundry in my laundry room! Knitting Around is charming, and I wish I could just pick up the phone and ask Elizabeth Zimmerman for advice-she sounds so warm and kind! I also learned how to do a yarn over (which I have done on accident whilst learning to knit) and am trying to do some more decorative stitches. That is all for this week!


  1. I don't know why the linky thing gives you trouble! I entered the link for you again, and it seems to be working now. Thanks for joining! I love the color yarn you chose for the hat.

  2. Thank you for fixing it for me! I don't know why I have trouble with it either-it could be that I am usually slightly hurried, trying to finish linking before the baby wakes. I also posted before consuming my coffee!

  3. I have been reading Knitting without tears by EZ and have really enjoyed it. I have knitting around on my wish list so I am glad to hear that it is in the same tone. I have never heard of Unplanned so will have to look into it.

  4. Thanks for your lovely comment! I have yet to read one of EZ's books and I think it's high time I make it a priority :) I'm going to look into Knitting Without Tears and The Opinionated Knitter. One of these days I'll cast on for the Baby Surprise Jacket - it looks so sweet!

    Thanks for stopping by,